About us

HASKO Accessories offers a range of various bathroom accessories of superb quality. In our catalogue you will find cups, soapboxes, bathroom metal hooks, minimal style double hooks and much more. Bathroom accessories from our catalogue are made of chrome-plated stainless steel, high-quality plastic and other PVC- materials that are safe for your health. When selecting items for our catalogue, we did all we could so that they harmonically complement interior of a bathroom not only in a city flat but also in a country house.

Minimum twice a day we spend some time in the bathroom, in the morning we prefer an invigorating contrast shower, and in the evening – a relaxing hot bath. In many ways the interior and condition of your bathroom can set the mood and quality of bathing. Not only good bathroom fixtures influence on quality of bathing, but also soapboxes, hooks and other accessories play a huge role and will make this process comfortable and pleasant.

The goods of HASKO Accessories will give coziness and comfort for your home.

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